Quick Facts
Official Language: Spanish
Population: 40.9 million inhabitants (2007 est.)
Currency: Argentine peso
Climate: the seasons in Argentina are the complete opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter: June to August
Summer: December to March
Spring: September to November
Fall: March to May

The country experiences a variety of different temperatures, depending on the area's geographical location. The center is warmer and more humid, while the south is drier and cooler. Overall, apart from a small tropical area in the north, Argentina is located in a temperate climate zone.

Interesting Facts
• Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and eight largest in the world
• An abundance of flora, fauna and mammals, including the pudú (the world's smallest deer), can be found in Argentina
• As compared to other Latin American countries, Argentina ranks highest in the Human Development Index and has the highest GDP per capita

Country Profile
Birthplace of the tango, and formerly one of the world's richest countries, Argentina is an intriguing country with a fascinating history and culture. Incredibly vast and diverse, it is composed of 24 provinces and an autonomous city. An estimated 89% to 97% of Argentines are of European descent, its population is the third largest in South America. According to the country's 2001 census, the indigenous groups comprise only 1% of the total population. After Spanish, the most commonly spoken language is Italian. As a result, Argentine Spanish is often described as having somewhat of an Italian tone. Words containing the double "ll" and "y" are pronounced with a "j"-like sound.

Indeed, while strolling through the capital city of Buenos Aires, one will immediately recognize the huge European influence on this South American country. However, visitors will also notice the tremendous diversity of cultures and people. Given this interesting mixture, an increasingly large number of visitors are now arriving in the homeland of the gauchos, the Argentinian cowboys. This should come as no surprise, as Argentina is a beautiful country with plenty to to offer. Everyone, from animal-lovers to tango afficionados, will find something to love about this enormous country. Having both nature and culture, Argentina is a country with an amazing array of attractions for travelers to see and experience.

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