Quick Facts

Country Population: 12.7 million (2007 est.)

Capital: Guatemala City

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Quetzal

Climate: known as the "Land of the Eternal Spring," temperatures are generally quite temperate. As Guatemala is a mountainous country, temperatures will vary according to elevation. The highlands, where Guatemala City and Antigua are both located, experiences cooler temperatures. The coastal and northern regions are the hottest, average temperatures can range from 77° F to 86° F. The dry season is from December through March. 

Interesting Facts

• Volcán Tajumulco, located in the western region of Guatemala, is the tallest mountain in Central America. It stands at almost 14,000 ft. tall.

• Tikal National Park, the largest ancient ruin city of the Mayan Civilization, can be found in the northern part of Guatemala.

• With a population of nearly 13 million people, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America  

Country Description 

Guatemala is one of the most incredible countries to visit in Central America.  The country has a fascinating history, ranging from the ancient Mayan civilization to its Spanish colonial period, and is also quite biologically diverse. Although it's a relatively small country, visitors will find themselves with a huge array of options to choose from, in terms of visiting and experiencing colonial cities and ancient ruins, indigenous cultures and outdoor adventures. Nearly two-thirds of the country is mountainous, which makes it a great destination for mountain biking and hiking. Guatemala also has the Western Hemisphere's northernmost tropical rainforest, it covers an estimated 10% of the country.

Visitors will also find Guatemala to be filled with some of the most spectacular ancient Mayan ruins. In fact, several scenes from "Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope" were shot at Tikal National Park, which is perhaps the country's most visited destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another popular site is the charming colonial city of Antigua.  If you are looking for an unforgettable and a unique travel experience, Guatemala will most certainly not disappoint.