Learn Spanish at PlaySpanish, Charlotte, North Carolina

Programs of Interest: Spanish for Children, Summer Camps
Address: 743 Pineborough Rd
Charlotte, NC 28212
Website: http://www.playspanish.com
E-mail: info@playspanish.com

PlaySpanish® is a program designed to introduce children to the Spanish language and culture through a play-based curriculum. Our objective is to offer a program where both children and parents can share time together in a festive and cheerful atmosphere. When approached this way, the language becomes a lively and captivating experience for everybody involved. While in class, children participate in a variety of activities that includes arts, crafts, story-telling, puppetry, music, dance, and games. As several parents have said: "PlaySpanish® is learning made fun."

We, Carmela Tondo-Mata and Ricardo Mata, started the program in January 1997 with a group of 5 students. As we celebrate our 11th anniversary this year, we have approximately 6,200 students enrolled. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with over 11,000 children.