Learn Spanish at Los Monitos, Louisville, Kentucky

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons, Spanish for Children, Translation
Address: 1860 Mellwood Avenue, Suite 1085
Louisville, KY 40206
Telephone: 502-8930933
Website: http://www.losmonitos.com
E-mail: Info@LosMonitos.com

Los Monitos, Inc. is a Louisville-based language school providing Spanish programs for adults and children. Besides offering many different programs at our location, we also teach Spanish and English at various businesses, hospitals and other locations.

Whether teaching children or business executives, we implement the same philosophy, which is to teach an appreciation and understanding of the language utilizing interactive, real-life situations.

At Los Monitos, you will systematically develop the grammar you need more efficiently and intuitively, thanks to our refreshingly unique and effective teaching methodology.

We look forward to having you in class!