Learn Spanish at Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Programs of Interest: Academic Programs, Continuing Education, Spanish for Teachers
Address: 2501 North Blackwelder
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493
Telephone: (800) 633-7242
Website: http://www.okcu.edu/petree/humaniti..

The program features lecture/lab classes taught by native and near-native speakers. A computer lab features Spanish learning/review programs. Foreign study is encouraged.

Student may receive credit for AP, IB (level 4), or CLEP. See department chair for details. The last 6 hours of the major must be completed in residence at Oklahoma City University. Recommended electives are 8 hours of another foreign language and Critical Reading and Writing (ENGL 2303), taught by the English department. Other suggested electives are courses in English and Continental literature, History of Philosophy (PHIL 3114-3314), and history or political science courses related to the countries where Spanish is spoken.