Learn Spanish at Courthouse Montessorischool, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Programs of Interest: Early Childhood, Spanish for Children
Address: 1305 Windmill Point Crescent
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Telephone: 757-468-0099
Website: http://www.courthousemontessorischo..
E-mail: ayersbarnard@yahoo.com

We are a a private Preschool and Elementary school for children 16 months to 12 years old. We offer a quality education based on developing the whole child. The physical, emotional and intellectual being all flourish equally when the Montessori method of self-paced learning is utilized. Activities such as Spanish, art, music and computers are part of the regular curriculum. CMS also makes optional extra-curricular activities available.

Our Toddler Program concentrates on Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Circle Time, Phonics and Vocabulary Enrichment, Spanish and Music. Our Toddler classes introduce children to basic and emerging skills in sensorial and practical life in a gentle atmosphere of respect.