Learn Spanish at Intercultura Language School, Heredia, Costa Rica

Programs of Interest: Group Courses, Private Lessons, Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Surfing , Spanish for Seniors, Spanish for Teenagers, Volunteer + Spanish
Address: P.O Box 1952-3000, Heredia Costa Rica
Telephone: +(506) 2260 8480 / 2
Website: http://www.interculturacostarica.co..
E-mail: contactus@interculturacostarica.com

Intercultura Language School offers a series of 18 courses designed by curriculum specialists, using interactive small groups in an environment of total immersion in Latin American culture. Classes are 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday, in the small yet cosmopolitan colonial city of Heredia. Our professors are university educated and credentialed to teach Spanish as a second language. They also have additional training on teaching in the context of total cultural immersion.

Academic credit is given through several U.S. university programs, individual and group (e.g. Brookhaven, Austin College, and Duke University), and we offer a variety of free cultural activities such as Latin dance 4 days per week, Costa Rican cooking, jewelry making, and more. We also offer volunteer placements; private and special topics courses; a summer Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp; and 50+ Language and Excursion programs.