Learn Spanish at Bay Area Bilingual, Oakland, California

Programs of Interest: Group Courses, Private Lessons
Address: 5703 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618
Website: http://www.bayareabilingual.com
E-mail: info@bayareabilingual.com

With the growth of the Latino population and increasing travel abroad, the necessity and desire for English speakers in the Bay Area to speak Spanish is greater than ever.Bay Area Bilingual believes that, like all students, adults need to feel like someone cares about their individual progress and is committed to seeing them succeed.

As a certified TSFL (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language) teacher, owner Nicole Henderson provides the personalized guidance, support, and structure necessary for the student to relax, enjoy, and become fluent in Spanish. Her goal is to provide a sense of belonging and participation in the ongoing and collaborative learning process, and to serve the community with an effective methodology and comfortable space to embark on the journey to becoming bilingual.