Learn Spanish at Livit Immersion Center, Puebla, Mexico

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Excursions, Group Courses, Private Lessons
Address: Privada Nuevo Leon # 18 | Col. El Carmen C.P. 72530 | Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
Telephone: +52(222) 271 - 6880
Website: http://www.livitspanish.com
E-mail: info@livitspanish.com

The LIVIT Immersion Center teaches Spanish naturally in beautiful
colonial Puebla, Mexico using the most conducive methodology available
today; even beginners are speaking with fluency in no time.  We offer
intensive total immersion programs from as little as one week and up to
12 weeks in length.  All courses may be individually tailored to personal
or professional needs (terminology for doctors, real-estate agents, social
workers, dentists, etc.).

A two-week immersion program at the Livit Immersion Center is equal to
around  a semester of University coursework. 

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