Learn Spanish at South Beach Languages, Miami, Florida

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons
Address: 227 13th Street
Miami, FL 33139
Telephone: (305) 815-4271
Website: http://www.southbeachlanguages.com
E-mail: southbeachlanguages@gmail.com
Level: Beginner Spanish I, High Beginner Spanish II,Intermediate Spanish lll, Advanced Spanish
Target group: Locals, New arrivals

How is your Spanish?

Maybe you've just arrived. Maybe you've been here for years. Isn't it time you started taking Spanish lessons? South Beach Languages is now offering 4 levels of Spanish conversation classes:

Beginner Spanish - High Beginner - Intermediate Spanish - Advanced Spanish

We offer the smallest classes, the best teachers, the lowest prices and the best location!