Learn Spanish at My Spanish Eye, Los Angeles, California

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons, Spanish for Children
Address: 6815 W. Willoughby Unit 108
Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: 818-404-2301
Website: http://www.myspanisheyeclasses.com
E-mail: myspanisheye@yahoo.com

We, the instructors at My Spanish Eye, claim Spanish as our native tongue, and we claim it with love!  With such fondness for our language comes a fresh, organic approach to teaching it.  Our classes have a 1:1 student-teacher ratio—meaning the lesson is not only tailored to you, but you get a personalized curriculum that evolves as your knowledge evolves.  

Each series of classes starts with a free initial meeting where we discuss your goals for learning Spanish, as well as how you hope to put it to use in your life.  From there, we begin your customized class series.  You can expect to use a wide variety of fun and timely course materials, from pop song lyrics to contemporary news items.  We may even draw from recipes, literature, or a marketplace field trip!  We like to use many different learning tools, because just as life can’t be contained in a book, learning cannot be contained in a simple classroom. 

My Spanish Eye is committed to honoring and embracing the Spanish Language through an inspiring, fresh and organic approach to teaching and by providing spontaneous Spanish speaking opportunities in Los Angeles. We hope you share our vision of the organic learning experience, and we hope you’ll let us help you in your endeavor to learn Spanish!