Learn Spanish at Proyecto Español, Alicante, Spain

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, DELE Preparation, Group Courses, Spanish for Teenagers, Summer Courses
Website: http://www.proyecto-es.com
E-mail: info@proyecto-es.com
Level: Inicial (A1), Elementary (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Upper Advanced (C1), Mastery (C2)

PROYECTO ESPAÑOL is a language school, specialized in Spanish for foreigners. Our goal is to combine teaching the Spanish language and culture with fulfilling your holiday expectations at favourable prices.

Our main tasks are offering professional, methodologically sound language instruction, as well as promoting the direct personal contact of each individual to the Spanish culture. In addition to numerous leisure time activities, our free Language Exchange invites you to also get to know Spain outside of the classroom. Social behavior patterns and manners, colloquialisms and "street slang" are experienced firsthand.