Learn Spanish at Spanish House, Dallas, Texas

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Private Lessons, Spanish for Children
Address: 5740 Prospect Ave. #1000
Dallas, TX 75206
Telephone: 214-826-4410
Website: http://www.DallasSpanishHouse.com
E-mail: DallasSpanishHouse@gmail.com

We are educators with years of experience teaching both Spanish and English-as-a-Second-Language. We understand that learning a new language is a process that takes commitment, patience and dedication. We offer our services to you to help you begin, continue or enhance the process of learning a second language.

Luis comes from beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico, where he taught Spanish-as-a-Second-Language for over 10 years.  His theatrical background, coupled with his extensive knowledge of Spanish grammar, makes his classes both educational and entertaining.

Catherine taught ESL in the Dallas Independent School District for seven years before moving to Oaxaca, Mexico, to study Spanish and teach English. She is proof that, even at a later age, it is not only possible to learn a new language, but that it has the power to enrich and transform one’s life. Catherine serves as the school administrator, as well as ESL teacher.