Learn Spanish at Babel Education, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Programs of Interest: Group Courses, Private Lessons
Address: 3126A Richards Lane
Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe
Telephone: 505-204-4361
Website: http://www.babeleducation.org
E-mail: info@babeleducation.org

Babel offers a unique kind of language learning Experience that focuses on communicative competence and experiential learning.  Each course provides participants with an opportunity to develop competence and confidence when communicating in a non-native language. 

Our mission is to provide interactive, targeted, and enjoyable opportunities to increase your knowledge and ability to communicate effectively in a non-native language.
Anyone can learn another language and anyone can improve his/her ability in that language.  We know that if we give you the right number of opportunities in the right kind of way, you will improve your confidence and competence in another language.  
Whatever your needs, Babel provides a productive, participatory approach to language learning that can give you the support and structure you need to succeed.