Learn Spanish at Route 66 Idiomas, Valencia, Spain

Programs of Interest: DELE Preparation, Group Courses, Intensive Spanish, Online Spanish, Private Lessons
Address: C/ Moratín 15, 4 CP. 46002 Valencia
Telephone: (+34) 963 427 368
Website: http://www.route66idiomas.com
E-mail: nfo@route66idiomas.com

The  creation of the school
Route 66 Idiomas language school first opened its doors in sunny Valencia on April 4th 2005. The school’s  principal activity is teaching  Spanish to foreign students and English, Valencian and Dutch to Spanish students. Classes are small, with a maximum of 8 students per group. Why come to Valencia to open a school? Valencia’s popularity continues to grow; it  has the perfect climate with 300 days of sun every year, delicious local cuisine, fascinating culture, and vibrant nightlife. All these are good reasons to spend time here and learn a language at the same time.

Why is our school called Route 66 Idiomas?
The Route 66 interstate highway symbolizes the optimism that invaded the USA after the Great Depression and the First World War. Often called: “The Main Street of America”, it joins a remote and little-populated region with two of the most important cities of the twentieth-century: Chicago and Los Angeles. (Source: National Historic Route 66 Federation)
General information about Valencia
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