Learn Spanish at Boston Area Spanish Exchange, BASE, Boston, Massachussetts

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons
Address: 29 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: +1 617-773-1211
Website: http://www.spanishclassesboston.com
E-mail: info@spanishclassesboston.com
We are pleased to present to you Boston Area Spanish Exchange, BASE, on your road to Spanish language acquisition. We aim to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in the Boston area and beyond. BASE is a teacher-founded and teacher-run Spanish school. We are bilinguals, linguists and experienced Spanish teachers passionate about languages, teaching and learning. 
The main BASE program has a duration ranging from four to twelve courses depending on the intensity: four Intensive courses, seven Semi-intensive courses, or twelve Weekly courses. The names of the levels are references of structural knowledge and proficiency in order to maximize small-group compatibility and conversational opportunities. Private and semi-private classes are available as are on-site courses and workshops for your organization.