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Programs of Interest: Excursions, Group Courses, Private Lessons, Spanish & Adventure Sport , Spanish & Cooking, Spanish & Culture
Address: Avenida Larco 743, Suite 603, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Telephone: (+51) (1) 255-7824
Website: http://http://www.peruwayna.com/
E-mail: contact@peruwayna.com

We are a private, professional Spanish language school located in Lima, the capital of Peru. We began as a small group of teachers who saw an opportunity to build a school truly dedicated to personalized teaching as part of a fun community. Our diverse and talented students have continually inspired us to invent new learning solutions, such as our new Spanish Online Platform, and to create the one of the only textbooks specially designed for Immersion programs complemented with Latin American Spanish. 

Not only are we committed to providing the best education possible, but also making of your time in Peru as enriching and memorable as possible. That’s why we offer a wide variety of school activities so our students can participate of local excursions, Peruvian cooking classes, weekend trips, immersion homestays, and much more.

Declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and known as the city of Kings, Lima was founded by the Spanish more than four centuries ago and its historic down town retains the beauty and charm of the colonial age, when it was the capital of the greatest and wealthiest viceroyalty on the continent during 300 years, and as such it has wonderful churches, cloisters and monasteries that are worth a visit.
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