Learn Spanish at Spanish Ahora, San Jose, California

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Private Lessons
Address: 51 E. Campbell Avenue,
San Jose, CA 95008
Telephone: 408-207-3075
Website: http://www.spanishahora.com
E-mail: info@spanishahora.com

Whether you're interested in learning Spanish in a group setting, through one-on-one tutoring sessions, or by hosting a course at your workplace, all SpanishAhora programs offer the following unique features:

* Maximum of 8 students per class
* Extremely supportive staff
* Dynamic and fun lecture
* Multimedia presentations and videos
* 24 hour access to a wealth of supplementary internet tutorials
* Personalized instruction and evaluation for each student
* Focus on both formal and informal Spanish
* Teaching of immersion methods that can be applied without traveling abroad
* Structured yet flexible curriculum designed to accomodate pace of student
* Social and group events that give students opportunity to meet other Spanish aficionados