Learn Spanish at Spanish Time, Scottsdale, Arizona

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons, Spanish for Children, Summer Camps
Address: 6722 E. Avalon Dr., Suite 3
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Telephone: 480-970-8232
Website: http://www.spanishtime.com
E-mail: info@spanishtime.com

We are the premier Spanish education company in the valley, teaching Arizona kids (and now adults too!) for over 15 years! Spanishtime® gives you many different ways to learn and acquire the Spanish language. Our materials are age appropriate and work with various learning levels. Our many interactive programs ensure that Spanishtime® is a fun-filled experience! 

We offer a variety of programs and language classes to fit your needs. We have kids, adults, job specific and private instruction. Here at Spanishtime®, we want you and your family to enjoy the bilingual advantage! We want to share our knowledge of all aspects of the Spanish language allowing our students to learn the words, culture, and customs of the different countries that speak Spanish. Thus, making that next adventure to eat Mexican food, see an active volcano in Costa Rica, or visit the Prado Art Museum in Spain, an exciting, motivating, and inspiring experience!