Learn Spanish at Seattle Language Academy, Seattle, Washington

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Private Lessons, Translation
Address: 126 NW Canal Street, #100
Seattle, WA 98107
Website: http://www.seattlelanguageacademy.o..
E-mail: info@sealang.org

Choose from a variety of day and evening classes in Spanish, from beginning through advanced levels. Accelerated and Intensive classes are available in Summer Quarter. Classes are composed of motivated adult learners, with a minimum of five, a maximum of 15 and an average of eight students per class.

Experienced and native instructors instructors with relevant academic and cultural training establish a relaxed yet rigorous learning environment suited to the needs of the adult learner. From the first day of instruction, students are immersed in the sounds and structures of the language. Through drills, games, songs, written and oral exercises, and role-playing, instructors guide students through the grammar and syntax and help them on their way towards linguistic proficiency. Regular review and homework exercises detailed in class syllabuses ensure that students stay abreast of the material.