Learn Spanish at Volunteer Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Programs of Interest: Group Courses, Private Lessons, Volunteer + Spanish
Address: Calle Ecuador Nº E-0342 | Casilla Postal 2411 | Cochabamba, Bolivia
Telephone: +591 (4) 452-6028 /
Website: http://www.volunteerbolivia.org
E-mail: info@volunteerbolivia.org

Volunteer Bolivia’s Spanish Language Immersion Program is a unique way to study Spanish while exploring such themes as Bolivian history and current social issues and events. We believe that Spanish lessons are your key to getting to know the country and essential to having a successful volunteer experience.

Volunteering can be the experience of a lifetime and for some, a life changing experience. Volunteer Bolivia is an international volunteer organization that combines a volunteer service learning experience with a language immersion program for an unforgettable intercultural experience. 
The city of Cochabamba is the perfect place for learning Spanish as the local accent is easily understandable and people speak slowly and clearly in comparison to other parts of Latin America. Our school, housed in an old colonial style building, is centrally located in downtown Cochabamba’s cultural district making it easily accessible from any part of the city.

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