Learn Spanish at NuevaLengua, Cartagena, Colombia

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Private Lessons, Spanish & Salsa, Spanish & Surfing , Volunteer + Spanish
Address: Barrio Getsemaní | Calle del Pozo No.25 - 95
Telephone: + 1 (202) 470-2555
Website: http://www.nuevalengua.com
E-mail: contactenos@nuevalengua.com

Our school of the Caribbean is located in the city of Cartagena. You don´t know the Caribbean until you know Cartagena; be prepared to meet the friendliest people of the world, live a musical athmosphere, eat an extraordinary and varied food, take the sun in astonishing beaches and dive near beautiful coral reefs, hear stories of pirates, slaves  and sank Spanish ships ,visit natural parks, live the Rumba (Party!) in the beach and enjoy the best weather. Our school is located just 4 blocks from the main entrance to the "Old City" in a colonial house with a Caribbean atmosphere that you will love.

Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage City, and on the “must see” lists of millions of world travellers. Ramparts and walls, were built all around the city in order to protect it from pirate attacks. Now, nearly 500 years old, this majestic city on the South-western Caribbean, retains much the charm, history, architecture, romance and adventure of days gone by.

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