Learn Spanish at Speak Our Language, Columbus, Ohio

Programs of Interest: Business Spanish, Group Courses, Private Lessons, Spanish for Children, Spanish for Teachers
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Speak Our Language (also known as SOL) is a dynamic company that provides cutting-edge educational services and expert instruction in foreign languages. Just like our logo of the sun (SOL = sun in Spanish and is also the acronym for our company name), our courses are uplifting, energizing, positive and enable you, the learner, to grow! Does Speak Our Language mean speaking only one language? No! Speak Our Language believes in teaching and learning any language that helps to make communication possible among people and communities!

Founded in 2002 by Tonya Stalnaker-Tiggett (B.S. Foreign Language Education and M.A. Spanish Peninsular Literature), SOL provides various services including private courses in the Spanish language to adults, parent/child classes, immersion weekends for busy singles and professionals and customized courses and consulting for organizations.